Things My Father Should’ve Taught Me About Making Connections (But Didn’t)

Every single one of us was put on this Earth to serve each other.

Michael Ndubuaku


Photo by Kevin Gent on Unsplash

There are currently 118 elements on the periodic table but who cares? Knowing individual elements is like knowing algebra — you’ll never need that shit in real life. What’s worth noting though, is the fact that without at least one other, each element is basically useless.

Take the air we breathe as an example. Air itself is a mixture of two primary elements; nitrogen and oxygen. If either of those components is consumed alone, it would be toxic. Even the water we drink is the product of another combination which consists of mostly hydrogen and oxygen.

As humans, we share the same connectivity trait with chemical elements. No matter who you are or what you do, you can only provide real value when at least one other person is involved. It’s the way the world works. Every single one of us was put on this Earth to serve each other. Everything valuable on Earth gained its value through the power of connections. Human beings are no exception.

Lately, life has served me a shitload of blessings and lessons in the form of people. To some, I’ve been the epitome of trust, reliability, and loyalty. To others, I just didn’t cut it. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little introspection into some of the lessons I’ve learnt so far.

  1. Spending money on people does not buy their loyalty. They only fall in love with your hand, not your heart.
  2. A secret never actually stays “just between you and me.” At the end of the day, your best friend also has a best friend.
  3. The amount of time you’ve known someone doesn’t determine the level of friendship. Regardless of whether you’ve known them for two weeks or two years; when it clicks, it just does.
  4. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make everyone happy.
  5. You are who you hang out with. If you hang out with idiots, you’d soon be an idiot — if you’re not one already.
  6. Never pick sides between friends. Remain neutral and be the voice of reason at all times.
  7. There’s power in honesty. Be so damn honest that it hurts.